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Fairyland: Merge and Magic

July 18, 2023

Carriage Estate Chronicles

Another update is out! Explore exciting new features and have fun playing your favorite game. 🥰🎮


• Sylvanus’ Strains

• Carriage Estate Chronicles

Return to Dragonia!

Sylvanus’ Strains

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of nature! Join Sylvanus on his journey, witness his majestic tunes, and explore the harmonious unity of magic and music.

Carriage Estate Chronicles

Step into a tale of grandeur and mystery! Discover the rich legacy of the Carriage Estate, a stately mansion brimming with tales from the golden age of Fairyland.

Return to Dragonia!

Explore the vast and diverse landscape of Dragonia! Encounter new friends, and face dangerous foes as you embark on a quest to save this enchanted land.

Please note that this update might not be available to you at the moment since it’s rolled up gradually to avoid any issues. Rest assured, it will reach all the users in the following weeks.

Let us know what changes have you already noticed. ✅ Did they positively impact the way you play?🕹 What other aspects of your experience can we improve?📈 Let us know in the comments on the right side of the menu! 👉