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Valley of Thanks

Valley of Thanks Knights and Brides
Valley of Thanks – Game Update: from 18/11/2021 to 25/11/2021
“Knights and Brides”

The story of handsome Flint is a story about friends and mutual assistance. No matter how strong in spirit you are, remember that friendly support is invaluable!

Let’s check it in the Valley of Gratitude. Don’t miss the adventure and the opportunity to get new watercolors and funny pets.

Before the flight:
1 – Expose the Watercolor Studio from the Storage. If there is no studio, buy it at the Market (the ‘Buildings’ tab).
2 – Read the news about the update in the Mail.
3 – Load the necessary resources into the hold (linen – 140; scissors – 70).

Now go to the Valley of Gratitude.

Here you can find:

– Artist’s Workshop,
-Secret Portal (leads to the Colorful Room),
– Creative Backpack (with a sketch of a portrait),
– (Commemorative final award),
– Rodrigo and Flint,
– Holiday Pumpkins.

In the Artist’s Workshop, you can create Art Scissors (to cut the Brush Bushes).

At the Start Location, first of all, collect the Holiday Pumpkins and treat Flint. Have talk to him and Rodrigo. Move on.

Turkey ravine

Find the friends of Handsome Flint here. Make Pumpkin Pie and treat it to Flint’s friends (Pixwell, Stefan, Criss).

Pumpkin Pie can be made in the Holiday Workshop.

As soon as they taste the pie, they will become faithful companions (pets) during the journey. Don’t forget to collect the Brushes from the Brush Bushes. You will need them for a new watercolor.

And Chriss will be the first to help us. Place Chriss the turkey in the ‘Pet’ slot in the Backpack.

Campfire alley

Your task is to find all the Holiday bonfires and light them with the help of Pumpkin Seeds. Pumpkin Seeds can be obtained from Pumpkin Chunks at the Holiday Workshop.

Catch all the Sparks of the bonfire. Give the Sparks of the Bonfire to Rodrigo.

It’s Stefan’s turn. He seems to be a great connoisseur of boulders. All hope for his powerful beak. Place Stefan in the ‘Pet’ slot. Open the Gate to the next location.

Smash Hard Rock Boulders with Rock Breakers or Bombs. Smash the Rock Core. Give Rodrigo the Stone Dust.

Place Pixwell in the ‘Pet’ slot and proceed further.

Disenchant all Holiday Symbols with help. Move all the Symbols to Rodrigo and find the Clue. Arrange the Holiday Symbols according to the Prompts. Pay attention.

Take home the Horn of abundance.

Final knock award – HORN OF ABUNDANCE

Gifts for clearing the location:

20% – Symbol of the holiday, decor in the Holiday Workshop (2)
40% – Festive token (needed to select a pet)
60% – Symbol of the holiday
80% – Energy (2000)
100% – Mysterious chest.

After completing all the tasks and passing the location, in the Holiday Workshop you can create such wonderful pumpkins (decorations).

And there will also be an opportunity to take these lovely companions with you.


1. A watercolor studio can be bought at the Market for 10,000 coins (if you haven’t purchased it before). The building can be placed in the Warehouse or expose at any other home location (except for the Reserve).

2. Watercolor will be active even after the temporary location is closed. This means that you can finish painting the watercolor later if you have brushes.

3. If you collect a little more Magic brushes than you need for the current watercolors, do not be discouraged, they can be used in the future to paint other watercolors.

4. Magic brushes are only displayed in Watercolor Studio. You don’t need to take them anywhere. You cannot find them in the warehouse.


*** Load the Creative Backpack into the transport. *** Place the Creative Backpack at your home location. *** Get the Portrait of Lisbeth by opening the Creative Backpack. *** Color in the drawing elements. *** Share the completed Portrait of Lisbeth with your friends.